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Nova Scotia Vegan Association

19 Jun

Hey you! Yes you, vegan in Halifax. Are you looking for a local community to join and meet other like-minded individuals? Maybe you’re a new or seasoned vegan but whatever the case, you may be interested in looking into the Nova Scotia Vegan Association. The NSVA is a recently formed group whose goal is to “provide resources, guidance and a community for people who are vegan or interested in a vegan lifestyle”. Not so much as a formal organization as it is a reservoir of individuals who share a common practice and therefore they provide support and information for others who have the same world outlook as themselves.

If you check out their facebook group, you will find a number of links to information on veganism (ethics, nutrition, cooking etc.). They also occasionally host vegan cooking classes which would be a great opportunity to sharpen your skills in the kitchen and meet some great people!

Speaking of meeting great people, they also host a popular vegan potluck that is hosted on the second Sunday of every month (the next one is scheduled for July 11th!) at the Dalhousie Women’s Centre. ┬áThe last potluck’s theme was brunch (and was also the potluck that I made the doughnuts for!) and there is usually a theme each month, check out the afore-mentioned facebook group for details on these events!

If you’re interested in joining the group or learning more about it, check out their facebook page (which I added to my ‘Halifax Links’ section on the right side of this page)!